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Realistic Dildos

Crystal Jellies Classic Dildo - 8 Inch
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Dillio Dildo - 8 Inch
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While sex toys come in a huge range of colors, shapes and sizes, some people prefer dildos that look like a human penis. Someone may want realistic dildos to be reminded of a lover while he’s away, or while they’re single and waiting to meet the right person. Real feel dildos make it easy to fantasize about a sexy stranger whose package may look as tempting as your new toy.  At Spencer’s, we carry the most realistic dildos for the most realistic pleasure!

Now, of course an inanimate object, no matter how good it feels inside you, is never going to replace an actual live guy, but these dildos come as close as possible, complete with testicles, veins and anatomically correct heads, these cocks that can be used for oral , vaginal or anal sex (provided it has a flared base).

A realistic dildo, whether in flesh color or a bolder hue, can make your foreplay incredibly hot and help you decide what you’d actually want to do if you added an extra man into the mix. Did someone say threesome?! What you find out from your dildo sex adventure just may surprise you! Plus, it’s a toy so you can use it to perform in ways that a human penis simply can’t (plus it never goes soft).

At Spencer’s, we have dozens of real feel dildos and flesh like dildos for whatever type of sex fantasy you want to live out, whether that’s anal sex, double penetration, practicing your oral sex skills or simply enjoying it for some solo pleasure. You can choose from penis-like jelly, vibrating, anal, g spot and double ended dildos that might be even better than the real thing for the night!