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Glass Dildos

Callisto Glass Dildo - 7 Inch
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Glass dildos look like works of art, because they are—not the kind that only belongs on a shelf or in a museum, but the kind you can touch, feel and have sex with! At Spencer’s we carry beautiful dildos made of glass that are powerful, strong and sleek. The first thing you should know is that glass toys is are incredibly safe, made of a similar type of glass as Pyrex. This firmness is one of the reasons they are so beloved; if you are the type to always yell “harder” in bed, this sex toy could very well be your new favorite!

Many users enjoy glass sex toys because they are easy to clean and can be chilled in the freezer or warmed up by soaking in hot water to enjoy a different type of sensation, aka temperature play. You’ll want to make sure the temperature isn’t too hot or cold by testing it on an area of your skin that’s less sensitive than your genitals first before using it for masturbation or on a partner.

A curved glass dildo can be a wonderful way to stimulate the G spot, and because they’re so firm, they can be used for clitoral stimulation if you like that intense type of pressure.
Our stunning Icicles glass dildos are body safe and come in designs including a rose bud, a curved pink glass dildo with special ridges to produce divine sensations as it glides along her inner walls and a handcrafted sleek flower dildo, among other options. Each choice will provide its own specific way of turning you on, and are so attention-getting you just might want to leave them out on display rather than tuck them away when you’re done.

Another bonus of a glass dildo is that it won’t retain any odors, and is easy to clean, making it both convenient and climactic. Spencer’s glass dildos offer a unique way of stimulating your body inside and out. Check out our wide variety and find the perfect glass sex toy for you!