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Strap On Dildos

Crystal Jellies Super Ballsy Dildo - 7 Inch
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Using a strap on dildo is a sexual fantasy many couples long to indulge, and with Spencer’s selection of the perfect strap on sex toys and harnesses, you can get started right away! Two of the important factors to enjoying sex with a strap on are communication and trust. Maybe he wants her to use a strap on with him so he can experience what it’s like to be penetrated, or maybe she wants to use it with her female partner so they can both enjoy that special intimacy. Whatever your motivation, know that there’s more than one option when it comes to getting the most out of this special sex toy action.

What is a strap on dildo? Its most basic form involves a dildo, a sex toy intended to be inserted into the vagina or anus (if it has a flared base) and a harness worn around the hips. The dildo, which can range in size, fits snugly inside the harness, so the person wearing can perform the same functions as a penis.

Spencers has a selection of different colored strap on dildos and types of harnesses suitable for men and women, designed to give you the exact erotic sensation you crave while getting close as can be to your partner. You can engage in intercourse or enjoy role-playing with oral sex while you’re wearing the strap-on. If you’ve never tried one and have always wondered what it would feel like, now’s the perfect time to find out. Shop our selection of strap on sex toys, strap on harnesses, and more!