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Anal Vibrators

You’ve probably heard of, and maybe even tried, a butt plug, but did you know that there are also anal vibrators which can make you feel amazing? Spencer’s wants you to experience the most bedroom bliss you can, and these toys can be a thrilling way to give and get sexual pleasure and add a new skill to your erotic repertoire. If you’re curious about anal sex, or already a fan, these sex toys, which work equally well on men and women (and should be used with a water based lubricant) will really take your sex life to a whole new level!
If this is your first time, you may want to check out the Anal Fantasy Perfect Vibrating Butt Plug, which has a tapered tip for easy insertion plus a bulbed head for extra sensation once it’s inside. A vibrating anal sex toy gives you the best of both worlds, because you can experience the fullness of this special, intimate type of penetration along with the deep vibration that can arouse you like nothing else. For a different but equally arousing sensation, consider vibrating anal beads. Or go for luxury with a glass massager that offers ten patterns of vibration and allows you to warm it up or cool it off for varying temperatures, which can lead to wondrous new ways to drive you wild.