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Mardi Gras Mambo Hat
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If you love to make people laugh, you can do so immediately when you wear a Spencer’s funny hat. While the eyes may be the window to the soul, it’s a hat that everyone will notice right away, so if you want to make people crack up when they catch sight of you, rock some over the top headgear. You can make a big, colorful humorous hat part of a Halloween costume or wear it to class with your everyday look just for fun. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with the guy or girl who’s always got something hilarious on their head?

You’ll be the opposite of a wallflower when you wear a hat that invites conversation and makes strangers check you out, even if you’re wearing an I’m Silently Judging You hat. Give everyone an instant glimpse into your personality and let them know you’re the type who’s always cracking jokes by making your hat the focal point of your outfit. Why blend in when you can stand out?

Prove that you’re not the type who cares about what’s “appropriate” but instead march to the beat of your own wacky drummer. You can do that by rocking a huge purple, yellow and green Mardi Gras hat throughout the year, making its style all your own. That fashion statement will say it all. You can pair it with your favorite funny t-shirt for a double whammy of wisecracks. Whether it’s a jokey written message emblazoned on your hat or simply an outrageous style that commands attention, Spencer’s has the headwear for you if you like to mix fashion and comedy.