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Death Note

Death Note Ryuk Trexi Figure
Online Only
Death Note Light Yagami Trexi Figure
Online Only
Death Note L Trexi Figure
Online Only
Group Deathnote Lanyard
Online Only

The Death Note is a powerful and dangerous book to use, so before you use it, make sure you are prepared! Here at Spencer’s, we have a variety of Death Note merchandise that will have you become a part of L’s task force or even the infamous Kira! Partner up with the Shinigami Ryuk by wearing the Death Note Ryuk Silhouette T shirt and plan to rule over a new world. If instead you want to put a stop to Light and his idea of becoming the new god, join up with world-famous detective L while you wear the Group Deathnote Lanyard. Need a little figure of your favorite Death Note character to liven up your desk area? Grab one of our Trexi figures like the Death Note Light Yagami Trexi Figure to really knock em’ dead! No matter what you need to live out your Death Note fantasies, Spencer’s will make sure you have the gear to do it!