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Naughty Gift Sets

Intro to S&M Kit
Online Only
Glow-In-The-Dark Fantasy Body Finger Paint 4 Pack
Sweet Licks Warming Flavored Massage Lotion 12 Pack
Online Only
Liquid Latex Black Light Body Paint Kit 6 Pack
Good Head Tingling Flavored Oral Sex Drops 3 Pack
Bubble Gum Flavored Lube 5 Pack - Hott Love
Online Only

Can’t decide on just one sexy gift? Now you don’t have to with Spencer’s sex toy gift sets, the perfect present for your lusty best friend or your partner. Each has multiple items that work together to make your sexual fantasies come true!

If you and your partner can’t get (or give) enough, check out the oral sex essentials kit, so you’ll be ready to head downtown at a moment’s notice. The Sex Therapy Kit for Lovers has everything your relationship needs to rekindle the passion in one handy box, from furry handcuffs to a cock ring, vibrator, warming massage lotion, edible body paint and so much more. You’ll get to try out all those naughty sex acts you’ve wondered about, and by giving it to your lover, you’re also giving them permission to share with you all the racy thoughts they’ve had floating through their head.

If you’ve wanted to try flavored massage lotion but weren’t sure which flavor would be your fave, try a sampler pack and take turns experimenting with each other.

Spencer’s has a range of sex kits, each of which gives you a reason to get naughty and experiment in ways you haven’t before. Give new meaning to “the most wonderful time of the year” by having the hottest sex of the year with your partner with a little help from a bondage kit, an intro to S&M kit or a wet and wild pleasure kit.

Make the act of giving one of these naughty gift sets a present in itself by dressing up, whether in sexy holiday lingerie or in nothing at all, sitting your partner down and whispering in their ear everything you want to try. If you’ve selected our colorful rope sampler, drape some around your naked body and your partner will quickly catch on to all the naughty possibilities at their fingertips! We think it’s safe to say that no matter what you select, your generosity will be amply rewarded!