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Hallo Weed Costumes

Adult Spliff Costume
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Adult Brownie the Baker Costume
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If you’re a pot fan, Spencer’s Hallo Weed costumes are perfect for you to show the world how much you love bud! We’ve got plenty of options to show off your cannabis appreciation, from a very special brownie baker uniform to a pot leaf mask, Rasta Ted teddy bear kit or bud smoker lab coat. Whatever form your love of the leaf takes, we’ve got just the right look that’ll let your personal reefer madness shine.
You can be subtle with black and green leaf Halloween socks or a leaf beanie, or boldly proclaim the prominence of pot in your holiday attire with a joint costume, which leaves nothing to the imagination with its large cigar-like body adorned with the words “blunt master” topped by a green lei collar. Weed has largely gone mainstream in the last few years and now you can flaunt your passion for smoking up as part of your funny marijuana costume.