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Nipple Sex Toys

Candy Nipple Tassels
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Nipple Chain Clips - Fetish Fantasy
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Butterfly Nipple Clamps
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Chain Nipple Clamps
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Welcome to Spencer's selection of nipple toys. These sex toys are designed to make your nipples more sensitive and deliver pleasure to this erogenous zone.

What are nipple clamps?

Nipple clamps are unisex kinky sex toys designed for use on the nipples. They tighten around the nubs for an arousing sensation. Clamps press against the skin of the raised buds. Most nipple toys allow the user to adjust the pressure. They are generally made of metal, with rubber or another soft coating protecting the nipple.

How do nipple clamps work?

Nipple clamps work by tightening around the nipple. This pauses the blood flow to these nubs. The wearer will feel pressure as they adjust to the feeling.

Once the clamps are put on, they stay in place. This means you can walk and move normally. With each movement, however, the clamps may bounce, adding further stimulation.

When they're removed, the blood moves back into the nipples. This adds further sensation, often with a feeling of warmth. Nipples become extremely sensitive after they've worn clamps. Many users enjoy having their nipples licked or sucked once they're freed from the clamps.

Tweezer clamps are ones that wrap around the nipple, then use a rubber stopper to adjust the tightness. Other clamps can be screwed into place. You want to make sure the clamps are secure so they won't fall off. Beyond that, how tight they are is your choice. Adjustable nipple toys let you take charge of your kinky pleasure.

Nipple clamps can be worn on your own or with a partner. You can put them on and remove them yourself or have someone do it for you.

Why do people like nipple clamps?

For many, the sensation of wearing these kinky sex toys has to do with BDSM and relishing the delicious pain. Nipple toys can feel exciting when they go on and when they're taken off. There's a rush of blood back to the nipples when they are removed. Many nipple clamps are connected by a chain. When the chain is tugged, the wearer will feel a tugging sensation in both nipples.

Wearing nipple clips can be a way to show off your breasts. You can dance around, making them jiggle. They let the wearer indulge their exhibitionist side. For their partner, they get to see their lover's breasts adorned while knowing how aroused the wearer is getting.

Wearing them during intercourse, oral sex or other intimate activities can make the sensations all the more intense.

Some people's nipples are more sensitive than others. Some enjoy light licks, while others want stronger sensations. There are even people who can have orgasms from having their nipples played with. Using nipple sex toys can help you explore these sensations.

If you like nipple stimulation of any kind (pinching, biting, etc.), you'll probably enjoy nipple clamps.

How long can I wear nipple clamps?

Generally, beginners will want to stick to a ten minute time limit with nipple toys. Those with more experience can go 20-30 minutes wearing them. After that time, you should remove them and let the blood circulate. Once the nipples are back to their usual state, you can resume toy use. Your nipples will be extra sensitive for a short time after using these toys.

How do nipple clamps compare to clothespins?

The biggest difference between nipple clamps and clothespins is that clamps can be adjusted, clothespins cannot. Since nipple clamps are sex toys designed for erotic pleasure, they have your comfort in mind. You can use them safely for the good kind of pain. Clothespins are household objects. They will apply much more pressure to nipples. If they're made of wood, they could leave small splinters.

While some people enjoy the feel of clothespins, it's recommended only for advanced kinky players. Most people prefer adjustable nipple clamps. These can be tightened or loosened depending on your preference. This makes them a great couples sex toy.

What kinds of nipple toys exist?

If you're simply curious about how sensitive your nipples can get, Spencer's has a sex toy for you. We also have plenty of adult products for those who are already fans of nipple play.

If you like to show off, a pair of heart nipple clamps lets you add some beauty to your BDSM play. You wear necklaces, bracelets and rings to adorn yourself. Why not add some erotic accessories in the bedroom? These will likely drive your partner wild and make you feel incredibly sexy, sensual and turned on?

You can pair your nipple toys with sexy lingerie or wear them with nothing at all. Some of our toys are embellished, like our feather nipple clamps. Are you ticklish, perhaps?

Nipples are often extremely sensitive, responding instantly to the lightest of touches, from the brush of a finger to a kiss, nip or pinch. At Spencer's, our selection of nipple sex toys lets you take that sensitivity to its logical conclusion. That could mean getting kinky with adjustable or vibrating nipple clamps or going for a more extreme sensation with vibrating nipple suckers.

We have weighted nipple clamps, clover clamps and more. We even have a combined ball gag and nipple clamp to double your pleasure.

Our beautiful gold nipple magnet clamps will make your nubs shine as they delicately squeeze them. Your body can become a work of art as you allow your partner to place your favorite toy around your pointed peaks. You can unlock your inner exhibitionist and have them watch while you trap your nipples between a set of clamps and savor the intensity.

If you’re a submissive who wants to prove their devotion, wearing a collar with nipple clamps creates a very sexy image for your dominant partner. You can more easily sink into subspace as you’re led around the room. Another advanced option is Auto-VAC nipple pumps to temporarily enlarge your sensitive nubs.

If your clit also wants some attention, our Super Sucker Trio, with nipple suckers and a clitoral sucker, is ideal.

Ready to show off? Learn how to perfectly swing candy nipple pasties or boobie tassels in a way that’s sure to impressive your lover on date night. Whatever type of sensation your nipples enjoy, you can find a way to enhance it. All of our adult toys come with discreet shipping.

Spencer’s carries a wide range of sex toys for nipples suitable for beginners and those with more experience. If you enjoy having your nipples pinched, twisted, sucked on or bitten, you’re most likely to enjoy wearing a pair of sexy nipple clips. These sex toys can be worn by men or women. They're also a wonderful way for couples to get intimate as one of them puts them on the other, adjusting them to the desired intensity.

At Spencer's, we want you to have the best sex of your life. For help selecting nipple clamps or other kinky sex toys, contact us using the "Help" button above or "Ask Jackie" button below. You can reach our Customer Service department at 1-800-762-0419.