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Sex Furniture

Sex Stool - Fetish Fantasy
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Get ready for a whole new world of erotic adventure with Spencer’s adult sex furniture! We know you probably love getting it on in bed, but trying something different can make your relationship even hotter, help you discover creative new sex positions and simply make your sex life more exciting. As your top source for adult toys, Spencer’s is also a trusted sex furniture store with our range of specially selected products designed to make sex as hot as possible.

What can sex firniture do for you? It can make your sexual fantasies come true. If a sex machine available at any time with the touch of a button is what you’ve been dreaming of, a vibrating dildo seat with multiple speeds is your ticket to sexual paradise! You don’t have to do a thing except hop on and enjoy this very wild ride that’s sure to have you moaning with delight. Yes, this is a sex toys chair that delivers the gift that keeps on giving: vibrations for as long as you want them! Your hand will never get tired and you’ll get to ride this seat until you’re too tired for any more pleasure.

If you’re all about bondage but don’t want to deal with any sore wrists or ankles while you let your dominant have their way with you while you’re restrained, the position master with handcuffs lets you explore kinky sex in any way you want. This and our other sex furniture such as the inflatable position master with love handles let you enjoy your favorite sex positions for as long as possible. Or you can take your kinky fun to a new level with an inflatable bondage chair, which has six built-in restraints, making it a handy tool that you can break out any time you’re in the mood to sit back, relax and be at your dominant’s mercy.

Master any position with your partner with these stools and sex kits that will make you want to go furniture shopping ASAP!