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Sex Games

Poker for Lovers
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My Sexy Mailbox
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My Love Mailbox
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Spice It Up Game
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Fade to Black Sex Game
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Kiss It Lick It Or Stick It Dice Game
Sexual Fantasy Vouchers
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Lucky Sex Scratch Tickets
Espanol Sexo! Card Game
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Bring Sexy Back Game
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Ultimate Bondage Dice Game
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Every couple, no matter how much they love and are attracted to each other, reaches a point where they are looking for something new to try in the bedroom. Maybe you experiment with bondage or BDSM, wear a particularly sexy outfit (to bed or for a night on the town) or watch sexy videos together, all of which can help liven things up and show you a new side of your partner. Yes, even if you’ve been together for years, there’s always something you can learn about what turns them on. Some people are very forthright and find talking about sex easy, but for others, asking your partner about their fantasies or things they’ve always wanted to do can be more challenging. The questions are at the tip of your tongue, but you need a prompt to help you get started voicing them.
So here’s a suggestion for how to do so: Spencer’s adult sex games, which are designed to get you thinking about sexual positions and activities you and your partner might want to try. These games range from special dice that give you foreplay prompts to coupons promising various erotic acts to whoever presents them to interactive sex positions cards that are sure to give you some out of the ordinary ways to get it on.
Now, these games are just that: games. They are not going to be able to take a couple who are barely speaking from silence to sexual bliss in five seconds. What they can do is help you get back to what you loved about your partner at the beginning of your relationship by making you relax, laugh and get a little frisky. How can you not joke around with a risqué game of truth or dare, or sex coupons that you’ll surely want to redeem?
Whether you’re looking for foreplay suggestions, new places and ways to get it on or just a sexy date night activity, you’re in luck. Imagine what you’d do when a pair of fun erotic dice land on “inner thighs.” Perhaps you give that intimate body part a kiss, or a lick, or a bite, or run a vibrator along your lover’s tender skin and see how they respond. The possibilities are endless, and these fun sex games give you the perfect starting point. These affordable decks of cards, naughty vouchers and daring dice can help guide you into new erotic territory and also help you get closer to your partner.
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