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If you want to take your bondage play to the next level, add a ball gag for extra kinky thrills! Spencer’s sex experts have selected the best gags for both newbies and experienced players. Keep reading to learn about this exciting form of erotic restraint.

What is a ball gag?

A ball gag (also called a gag ball) is a rounded ball that goes in a person’s mouth as part of bondage or BDSM play to restrict their ability to talk. As part of a bondage or BDSM session, gag balls can signify a new level of submission. The person wearing it allows themselves to give up their ability to talk. They have to rely on other forms of communication. Putting one on is a sign that you completely trust the person you’re obeying.

How do you wear a ball gag?

The gag part goes inside the wearer’s mouth while the straps are fastened behind their head. The idea is to be comfortable enough that you can still breathe, but sound cannot escape. The size of the ball varies depending on the gag. The smaller the ball, the easier it will be to wear. Larger balls will stretch the mouth more and muffle sound better. Some bondage gags have holes in them to make breathing easier. With others, you'll rely more on nose breathing.

Be aware that you will probably drool. This happens because your saliva pools while you wear the gag. This can be part of its erotic appeal.

How do gag balls feel?

How your mouth gag feels will depend on its size. The smaller ones will rest between your lips. Softer gags allow your teeth to press into them comfortably. You'll notice that your mouth is in a position that's probably unfamiliar. That's part of the turn-on. You're deliberately blocking your ability to speak and stretching your body for your lover's pleasure (and yours!).

Try to make a sound once the gag is in. The reverberation of your voice can be very exciting. You can practice "screaming" while knowing the sound will be minimal. If you're used to making noise during your BDSM scenes, using a gag can up the ante. Relying on non-verbal communication can be an arousing challenge.

When the gag is first put on, make sure it's comfortable. You don't want it to be too tight or too loose. If you're the top, make sure to check in with the ballgag wearer every ten minutes. When using one for the first time, limit your self to 10 or 15 minutes. This allows you to make sure your jaw is comfortable. You'll also want to ensure a safety method so either party can pause the action (see below). You won't be able to use a traditional safeword while wearing a gag.

Why do people wear gag balls?

Gag balls serve multiple purposes. The first is to get into the perfect submissive mindset, or subspace. It can a form of erotic humiliation to not be able to speak. This clearly signals a power dynamic where the dominant can speak while the sub cannot. They are also exciting to see in action. The wearer looks incredibly kinky the moment the straps are buckled. They also muffle noises, which may be part of your erotic play.

Ball gag BDSM safety

One major way your BDSM play changes with a ball gag is you can’t use a safeword. Normally, a safeword like red can be said to stop the action. If the submissive or bottom has a gag in their mouth, they can’t speak. This means you will have to find another way for them to indicate they need a break. This could include banging on the floor or any hard surface or ringing a bell they’re holding. Make sure you both agree on what the code will be beforehand.

We’ll repeat the need to make sure the dominant checks in on the gag wearer periodically. You can always remove the gag for a little while, then put it back on. This lets the wearer state any concerns or ask questions.

Gag balls and bondage

Ballgags can be combined with other forms of bondage, such as rope or handcuffs. Your wrists can be restrained behind your back while a gag is between your teeth. They can be used along with sex toys like nipple clamps. This will provide multiple erotic sensations at once. Wearing a blindfold and a gag can make your other senses extremely heightened.

Gag balls are wonderful kinky sex toys for beginners and more experienced kinksters. For some people, the act of having a bondage gag placed in their mouth is arousing. It can take on significance as it solidifies their power dynamic. Gags  allow you to make noise and have it be muffled against the fabric of the gag. This is perfect if you have roommates or others who you don’t want to hear just how naughty you are.

As we wrote earlier, there’s also a sexy visual component to ball gag bondage: A dominant may enjoy seeing their submissive wearing a gag as a symbol of their devotion. Knowing their mouth is occupied until the moment they choose to take it off can have a heady effect on both partners.

When you wear a ball gag, you are utterly at the mercy of your partner every time your tongue brushes against the fabric. Maybe they’ll blindfold you at the same time, limiting your senses even further, or handcuff your wrists behind your back. Whatever kind of kink you enjoy, wearing a bondage ball will amplify the sensations even more.

If your usual routine involves oral sex, putting in the gag means your mouth won't be available until the gag is removed.

Types of ball gags

Spencer’s offers you fetish sex toy variety from beginner ball gags to the more advanced types. All of our bondage toys have been carefully chosen by our staff sex experts for your pleasure. One of our most popular options is a breathable ball gag with a non-toxic rubber ball and adjustable strap. We carry silicone ball gags along with other materials.

We also have bit gags for another variation on bondage play. Instead of a ball shape, these are long and rectangular. They're similar to bits for horses and allow you the wearer to bite down on them.You can get truly into a bondage scene with a combined gag and wrist restraint. This will leave its wearer’s body waiting for the touch of a dom or domme to kiss, tickle, tease, pinch, bite, slap or otherwise play with.

If you’re looking for a gag as part of your initial foray into kinky sex play, our first time bondage kit has one along with a rope whip, feather tickler, love mask and sex dice to give you plenty of naughty ideas.

On the more playful side, we also have a candy ball gag for a sweet treat. For those who love giving head, a penis-shaped gag is the perfect sex toy.

For more advanced kinky players, you may want to try our Extreme Spider Gag. This metal sex toy holds your mouth open so it's available for oral pleasure. This can be an arousing way to take your playtime to a new level.

How you incorporate a mouth restraint is up to you. It may be saved for special play dates or become a regular part of your erotic adventures.

For assistance in selecting the best bondage gag for you, contact Spencer’s via the “Help” button above or the “Ask Jackie” link below. You can also reach our Customer Service department at 1-800-762-0419.