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Whips, Crops & Ticklers

Bondage Adventure Kit - 7 Piece
Online Only
Black Whip
Silicone Black Riding Crop
Online Only
Slender Impulse Crop
Online Only
Bling Flogger
Lace Paddle
Online Only
Jeweled Chain Tickler
Online Only

Sensation play is something anyone can enjoy, and with Spencer’s selection of whips, crops and ticklers, you have your pick of the types of kinky explorations you want to revel in, from the soft and sensuous stroke of a flogger to the more powerful feel of a bondage crop striking the sweet spot across your bottom. Or maybe you enjoy the delicious torment of being tied up and tickled with a feather duster, able to squirm and plead and wriggle around but unable to escape its delicate flutters.
Want to combine your favorite kinky activities? We’ve got bondage kits containing a paddle, blindfold and furry handcuffs for your delight. If you enjoy a good over the knee spanking, you’ll very likely appreciate items like our riding crops, which allow your dominant to give you the paddling you crave.
Ticklers and floggers can be dragged along the skin, whether the recipient is bound or not, perfect for tracing over breasts, sliding along your inner thighs or tickling delicate areas like the back of the knee or bottom of the feet. Note that paddles and riding crops should be used on the fleshy parts of the body like the buttocks or breasts. Often the mere sound of a kinky sex toy striking the air can be enough to make the person on the receiving end of their imminent bondage beating whimper in anticipation.
These toys can easily be combined with other bondage accessories like blindfolds and handcuffs for even more naughty delights. Maybe you want to role-play with one person getting “punished” for a misdeed by having to bend over, have their hands shackled behind their back or made to hold their ankles and take a specific number of strokes from a slapper or bondage whip. Maybe your love of nipple clamps has led you to want to feel the brush of a red rope flogger across your breasts (or you want to take some intense thuds along your upper back). Or perhaps you’re the one who’ll be wielding these bondage implements; consider the addition of a metal Wartenberg wheel, the perfect accessory to roll along the skin of the person you have bound in place while they await your next move. Whatever kind of bondage play you prefer, Spencers has something for you.