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Bondage Apparel

Cutout Bodysuit
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Bondage Collar and Leash
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Dress for success… in the bedroom! Yep, you heard us right. We’re talking kinky lingerie and bondage outfits that will have your partner drooling in no time. What makes BDSM so thrilling and enticing is that you get to play with fun accessories like sex toys, handcuffs, whips and so much more. Trust us--the right bondage lingerie will have you looking so sultry that you’ll never want to have a sexual encounter without them.

At Spencer’s, we have an endless selection of sex outfits and bondage clothes, so you can look your sexiest and let them know that you’re ready for the taking. Imagine showing up to your next date in a black caged bondage dress that tells your partner that they’re in for a painfully sweet night without saying a word. Or take the more submissive approach by slipping into bed while wearing an innocent floral lace halter teddy designed with ribbon restraints that beg to be tied. Your clothes will do the talking, and what they’ll be saying is, “Take me right now!” The point is that lingerie doesn’t simply cover your body--it reveals your deepest desires. Without even saying a word, you’ll be signaling just how much you want to be tied down--or do the tying!

Why stop there when you can pair bondage apparel with your favorite sex toys? Whether you’re craving to be spanked by a leather paddle while wearing a skimpy halter dress or begging to have vibrator used on you when you’re in nothing but a skin-baring bra and crotchless panties, we have everything you need at Spencer’s. Go ahead and get creative; we’re pretty sure that if you don any of these sexy items of clothing, your lover will be putty in your hands, eager to try any erotic activity you suggest!