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Sure, lingerie can be fun and flirty…but have you ever decided to dress up in strict leather? And no, we don’t mean that casual pair of leather pants in your closet; we’re talking kinky lingerie and bondage outfits that will have your partner drooling in no time.

What makes BDSM so enticing?

The idea of bondage can be absolutely thrilling. It’s the fact that you get to play with fun accessories like sex toys, handcuffs, whips, blindfolds, and so much more that gets your heart racing. Surrendering control to your lover can be a great way to strengthen your relationship, as BDSM actually requires a lot of trust and love. So wearing the right outfit can make the experience even more satisfying for the both of you--and looking good while being tied up in harnesses is always a plus!

Trust us--the right bondage lingerie will have you looking so sultry that you’ll never want to have a sexual encounter without them.

What should I wear as bondage apparel?

Of course, leather and latex are common materials in the world of BDSM, though you shouldn’t feel forced to wear something you’re uncomfortable with.

Imagine showing up to your next date in a black caged bondage dress; it’ll tell your partner that they’re in for a painfully sweet night without saying a word. Or take the more submissive approach by slipping into bed in a floral lace halter teddy designed with ribbon restraints that beg to be tied.

If you’re unsure of where to start, then consider some of these sexy options:

  • Lace: If you like playing the “good” or “innocent” role in your relationship, then you can try wearing a gorgeous lace teddy that leaves a little something to the imagination. You can pair your lingerie with crotchless panties and fuzzy handcuffs to truly let your lover know that you’re ready for a night of fun.
  • Fishnet: Is there anything sexier than a pair of fishnet stockings, or a micro net bodysuit? This sexy material will hug the curves of your body in all the right way, and it’s just daring enough to go with a gag, a whip, restraints, or any other bondage toys you and your partner like to play with.
  • Spandex: This material definitely isn’t just for your workout outfit! Slip into an all-black spandex bodysuit, and it’ll have your lover leading you right to the bedroom. Adding a bondage collar, matching leash, and blindfold to this sexy look will make sure you’re ready to moan all night long.
  • Nothing: Sometimes less is more, and when it comes to bondage apparel, this could be true. And no, we’re not just saying to be bare naked: Put on your favorite collar, along with wrist and ankle cuffs, or even a pair of nipple clamps and a ball gag. And, if you really want to enjoy a night of pleasurable torture, then a chastity device will have you begging for much, much more.

Your clothes will do the talking, and what they’ll be saying is, “take me right now!” The point is that lingerie doesn’t simply cover your body--it reveals your deepest desires, and exactly how rough you want your sex to be. Without even saying a word, you’ll be signaling just how much you want to be tied down or do the tying!

So go ahead and get creative; we’re pretty sure that if you don any of these sexy items of clothing, your lover will be putty in your hands, eager to try any erotic activity you suggest!

More than just bondage lingerie

Why stop at just lingerie when you can pair bondage apparel with your favorite sex toys? Whether you enjoy the pleasurable pinch of nipple clamps or the clitoral stimulation from an intense vibrator, pairing sex toys and BDSM gear with your bondage apparel will make sure that both you and your partner will have a night full of pleasure and excitement.

If you’re looking to heighten your pleasure and send chills down your spine, consider adding any of these sex toys and bondage gear to your naughty toy box:

  • Locking restraints (wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, handcuffs, armbinders, etc.)
  • Nipple clamps and other nipple toys (tassels, pasties, etc.)
  • Ball gags
  • Whips and paddles
  • Vibrators
  • Anal plugs
  • Strap-on dildos
  • Collars and leashes

Where can I buy bondage apparel?          

At Spencer’s, we have an endless selection of sex outfits and bondage clothes, so you can look your sexiest and let them know that you’re ready for the taking. From craving to be spanked by a leather paddle to begging your lover for more with a sex toy, you can have the time of your life when you shop at Spencer’s. And with our discreet shipping, we’ll be sure to keep your dirty little secret between us.