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Sex Swings

Fantasy Swing
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If you’re tired of the same old sex positions you always use, look no further than a sex swing to put the sizzle back in your love life! You can easily create your own pleasure playground by adding one of Spencer’s sex swings to your bedroom décor (no, they aren’t permanent!).
What exactly is a sex swing? It’s a harness that easily attaches to any doorway so your home can become your own very special erotic den and you can literally be a swinger, with one partner sitting in the swing and the other standing as you enjoy intercourse or engage in oral sex. The swings are sturdy enough that you don’t have to worry about them holding your weight, but simply get a good grip and sway your way to an amazing time. You’ll be able to try out new sex positions and experience the thrill of having sex somewhere other than in bed for a change.
If you’re the type of couple who craves variety, experimenting with swing sex can be just the thing to make your next sex date one of the most memorable you’ve ever experienced. Spencers also has plenty of other couples sex toys you can combine with your sex swing for a wonderful time; think swinging in the air while nipple clamps dangle against your chest, or feeling the press of a butt plug inside you while you bounce around. You’ll appreciate all the new ways you two can connect as you discover all the sex swing positions you can now access, trying out different angles and heights for even more sensations. This can be a once in a while treat or a regular part of your erotic repertoire, and can be put away when you’re done (or kept in place to impress your friends with just how naughty you really are)!