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Cock Rings

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What can a cock ring do for your sex life? A lot! Penis rings are designed to help men maintain their erections and provide added stimulation which can have a big impact when you’re engaging in solo pleasure or getting it on with a partner.
A cock ring generally goes around the base of the penis when it’s semi-erect or erect, though can be used solely around the shaft, and some may be used around the scrotum if you’re looking to maximize sensation there. At Spencer’s, we have plenty of options for cock rings that will keep you hard, help you maintain stamina and make you feel wonderful while you’re using them.
Users have reported they appreciated the power of cockrings because by restricting the flow of blood to the penis, they can both delay orgasm and enhance the quality of your orgasm since the longer you last, the more explosive your climax can be. In other words, it’s a win/win! For guys who feel like they usually come sooner than they’d like to, a cock ring can give you more control over how long you make love.
Keep in mind that there are many types of these male sex toys, so depending on what you’re using it for, you may want to look for certain qualities. If you plan to wear one during partner sex, a vibrating c ring may be the best way to go, because it can stimulate your partner’s body at the same time as it’s working its magic on you. Guys who are fans of cock rings say they can lead to “rock hard” erections, and can also be useful during times when you want to get it on but your penis isn’t quite cooperating; this item can be what helps you go from half erect to fully rigid.
Most Spencers cock rings are stretchy enough to work on any size penis, so you can make your selection based on what you want the ring to do for you in bed. You may want to have some water based lubricant handy to make putting the ring on a little easier.
Because a penis ring obviously will be used on a very sensitive part of your body, it’s best to give it a test drive, either alone or with a partner, to make sure you know how it feels as you grow more erect and that it’s easy for you to put on and remove. If you’re enjoying a solo sex session, experiment by keeping the ring on for a few minutes a time to see how it impacts your erection; then you’ll have a better idea of what to expect when you use it for real. It’s recommended that you wear a cock ring for no longer than 20 minutes, so you can let the blood flow back into your penis.
Make sure to thoroughly clean your ring as indicated after use.