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Neon Luv Touch Interchangeable Waterproof Vibrator - 3.75 Inch
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If you’re curious about the wide world of sex toys but aren’t sure which one to try first, a vibrator starter kit is the perfect way to get started. You can use one of Spencer’s sex toy kits to jumpstart your next solo sex session or foreplay with a lover and give it a new twist. Or perhaps you’re traveling and don’t want to lug your beloved but large model vibe with you, yet need something for those moments when you steal away for a little hot and sexy action. Vibrator kits let you experiment with different types of erotic sensations so you can enjoy G-spot stimulation one day or a clitoral vibe the next.

These multi adult toy kits contain everything you need to get off quickly and easily and switch up your routine, because they all come with multiple ways to use your new sex toys. The Neon Triple Bullet Waterproof Bullet Vibrator Kit lets you transform your bullet vibe with three different attachments so you can experience the touch of a tongue vibrator, G-spot stimulation or clitoral pressure. Basically, it’s like getting several toys in one, so you can experiment and figure out what you like best, or switch up your technique as the mood strikes you.

A Spencer’s vibrator set also makes a great gift for a lover, a friend or a bachelorette party, because they get variety and new ways to pleasure themselves. If you’re bestowing a vibrator on a romantic partner, whether with the intention of using it alongside them as a joint sex toy or giving them something to use when they think about you during their private erotic fantasies, you’ll want to make sure that it’s easy to use and has the bonus of giving them options in terms of speed and pulsation. A vibrator kit lets them experiment and perhaps step out of their usual routine, for which they will surely be very thankful and show their appreciation to you in bed. You’ll both be thrilled because they’ll have more sensations to sample and therefore more ways to enjoy sex to the fullest.

A sex toy gift pack like the Fifty Shades Darker Dark Desire Couples Kit contains seven adult toys for those looking to get a little kinky, including bondage tape, a blindfold, rope, a mini paddle, a vibrating cock ring, butt plug, and bullet vibrator. Having so many sex toy options handy means you and your partner will have countless ways to mix and match, experimenting to find out what types of kinky sex and light bondage turn you on the most. Giving a sex toy as a gift can be intimidating if you’re not totally sure how the recipient gets off, so presenting them with several sex toys in one handy box takes the pressure off and makes exploring the contents even more of a hot bedroom adventure.