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Tongue & Finger Vibrators

Waterproof Finger Vibrator 2 Inch - Sexology
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Panasonic 4 Pack AAA Alkaline Batteries
Panasonic 4 Pack AA Alkaline Batteries
Five Finger Massage Glove Left Hand
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Fuzu Fingertip Massager - Pink
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Panasonic 2 Pack C Alkaline Batteries
Blue and Black Koosh Vibrating Barbell - 14 Gauge

Crooking your finger in the “come here” motion takes on a whole new meaning with a finger vibrator! These small but extremely strong slip-on vibes make your digits instantly erotically powerful, and Spencer’s has plenty of choices so you can give the very best kind of hand job, one that will provoke an instant reaction from your partner as they beg for more. These portable, easy to use and affordable sex toys give you the magic touch, able to arouse your partner simply by sliding your finger exactly where they’re most sensitive.
Finger vibrators are great when you want a quick fix or if you want to feel close to your partner, giving him or her those sexy strokes that will make them feel oh so good. It can be so hot to watch a lover writhe, knowing they’re moaning because of what you’re doing. Yet even the most talented and aroused person can get tired, but with a finger vibe, it does all the work while you reap the rewards. For those with tongue piercings, a vibrating tongue ring can make oral sex even hotter, and Spencer’s has several designs that will help you deliver some of the sexiest licks around. If you’ve been looking for a way to increase your fun in the bedroom, a finger vibe or vibrating tongue ring can go a long way to making your lover rush to get naked and get down any chance they get!