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Strap On Vibrators

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What is a strap on?

A strap on refers to a sex toy, quite often a dildo, that is strapped into place on the body. Strap ons can be worn regardless of sex; this is because some are hollowed out, making it insertable for both a penis and vagina or anus. Obvious by the name, the toy is hands-free and usually held in place by straps and an o-ring, making sure it doesn't fall out of place during sex. Though strapless strap ons are also popular, as they require double penetration to stay in place.

What is a strap on vibrator?

It simply means a vibrating dildo or sex toy combined with a harness to be worn while penetrating your partner vaginally or anally. The person wearing the strap on gets to feel the vibrations where the toy meets their body, while the recipient experiences those same powerful sensations in their most intimate area. Sexually speaking, it's much like a dildo vibrator or a g-spot vibrator, though both you and your partner will be able to enjoy the pleasurable vibrations more than just a simple massager.

How do I use a strap on vibrator with my partner?

There's plenty of ways to use a strap on with your partner regardless of sex, especially if you're both into anal. If you’re new to pegging, where a woman anally penetrates her male partner, or part of a lesbian couple desiring penetration or anyone else looking to explore strap on sex, Spencer’s has sex toys to help you fulfill your fantasies and heighten your pleasure. The Gold First Time Vibrating Strap On Set is perfect for beginners, allowing you to find out exactly what it feels like to switch roles in the bedroom and look hot as hell while doing it. Just remember that, when it comes to anal sex, lube is always a must.

For the ultimate in mind-blowing orgasms as a couple, use a vibrating strap on with your partner when you want to hit just the right spot—for both of you! Spencer’s offers strap on sex toys that will give each of you unique sensations as you connect in the most intimate of ways. It's one of the best ways of getting as close as can be to your partner and making sure both of you have a wonderful and intimate experience. These are couples sex toys in the best sense of the phrase: part of a merging of two bodies as one person wears the harness and the other is the recipient of the vibrating toy’s pulsing delights. Whether this is your first time or you’re looking to up the ante on your sex life with your partner, a strap on vibrator offers you instant access to one of the most exciting ways two people can arouse one another.

How do I choose the right vibrating strap on?

You have plenty of options when it comes to choosing the right type of vibrating strap on dildo, from a multi-speed 20 function remote control strap on that lets you add instant variety to your sex life, a hollow vibrating strap on that can be used by him or her and even a vibrating strapless strap on that delivers g spot stimulation to the wearer while allowing her to penetrate her partner without a harness. At Spencer’s, we want you to be able to live out all your sexual fantasies, including using a strap on, and these harness and vibrating sex toy picks are the perfect way to get started on making your dirty dreams a reality.