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Wand Massagers

Mini Diamond Wand Massager - 4 Inch
Bodywand Mini Neon Edition Massager - 4 Inch
Original Body Wand Massager
Online Only

A wand massager is a special kind of sex toy that also doubles as a way to ease aches and pains in other body parts. Spencer’s stocks plenty of these beloved vibes so you can get off anytime, anywhere. The beauty of a battery-operated wand massager is that they’re portable, affordable and reliable. You won’t have to guess which part of the toy goes where on your body; rather, these vibrators provide all-around sensation that you can run along your inner thighs, between your legs, along your nipples and any area of skin you want to delight.
The massagers have round, flexible heads that vibrate and can be used in multiple directions, letting the waves of pleasure travel not just to one small point on your body but to a broader area for all-over tingles. You can easily control the pressure by varying how tightly you press it against yourself.