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Small & Discreet Vibrators

Neon Luv Touch Interchangeable Waterproof Vibrator - 3.75 Inch
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Sparkle Multi Speed Vibrator - 5  Inch Hott Love
Neon Mini Waterproof Vibrator - 4 Inch
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Neon XL Softee G Spot Waterproof Vibrator - 10 Inch
Waterproof Remote Bullet Vibrator 2.5 Inch - Hott Love
Neon Snuggler Multi Speed G Spot Vibrator - 5.5 Inch

For proof that sexy things can come in small packages, check out a small vibrator from Spencer’s and discover how much erotic power you hold in the palm of your hand. You may love your favorite plug-in vibrator, but it’s not exactly a sex toy known for being quiet and letting you get off incognito. We know that sometimes you want the ultimate privacy for your solo sex endeavor or time with your partner without being overheard. So we’ve got plenty of discreet vibrators and massagers that nobody will know you’re using but that still deliver the strong pressure you crave. You’ll never have to be without your favorite way of reaching your peak but it’ll be your own naughty secret unless you choose to let someone in on what you’re doing.

There are all sorts of reasons you may need small sex toys. Maybe you have a roommate you don’t want to wake up when you’re getting enjoying your beloved sex toy, are staying in a hotel or with friends and don’t want to alert those around you to what you’re doing, or simply have the urge at a time when you don’t want anyone else to know. If you’re traveling, mini vibrators are the perfect adult toys to pack in your purse, carry-on luggage or suitcase--just make sure you take out the batteries before starting your trip to extend the life of your vibe.

We carry plenty of small, quiet vibes that get the job done without giving anything away, many of which, like our lipstick vibrator, you can carry in your purse without anyone being the wiser. These small yet powerful portable sex toys do everything you want a vibrator to do but let you carry them anywhere you’re going. Spencers has everything you desire from a tiny vibrator, from a Bodywand mini massager to waterproof vibes, ones with multiple speeds so you can vary the sensations, and finger vibrators so you can reach down and give in to your urges. We’ve even got a vibrating panty so you can wear your new toy under your clothes. If you’ve been stymied by a loud vibrator that’s getting in the way of your sexual satisfaction, consider a discreet vibrator for those moments when you won’t let anything stop you from getting your pleasure on. You’ll be impressed with how intense the sensations are from these small vibrators are, making them perfect for your bedside table, as a travel sex toy or anytime you want to indulge your libido without anyone else knowing.