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G-Spot Vibrators

Butterfly Kiss Multi Speed G Spot Waterproof Vibrator 7 Inch - Hott Love
Neon Nites Waterproof G Spot Vibrator - 8.5 Inch
Neon Jr. Softees Waterproof G Spot Multi Speed Vibrator - 5.25 Inch
Neon Snuggler Multi Speed G Spot Vibrator - 5.5 Inch
Waterproof Finger Vibrator 2 Inch - Sexology
Online Only
Neon XL Softee G Spot Waterproof Vibrator - 10 Inch
Jelly Gems #3 Waterproof G Spot Vibrator - 8.25 inch

Before we extol the wonders of Spencer’s selection of G spot vibrators, first let’s get clear on what exactly the G spot is: it’s a small area on the upper wall of the vagina that many women report is extremely arousing to touch and may lead to ejaculation. If you want to find it yourself (or on a sexual partner), hold out your index and middle fingers, insert them into your own or a lover’s vagina, and curve them upwards in the “come here” motion.
Now on to the fun part: sex toys! A G-spot vibrator is curved in order to best stimulate your pleasure center and maximize your enjoyment. If you are looking for a new way to get off, have heard women raving about the thrills to be had from G spot sex, or want to explore female ejaculation, one of these specially designed sex toys is a wonderful way to go about it.
What a G spot toy does is basically what you did with your fingers, but even more explosive because it can move faster and reach more of your most sensitive spots. Spencers has the best g spot vibrator for your needs, whatever you’re into. We have mini and larger G spot vibes, waterproof ones, as well as rabbit vibrators that both stroke your G spot and make delightful movements against your clitoris for the best of both sexy worlds. One of our most popular toys in this category, the Butterfly Kiss Multi Speed G Spot Vibrator, offers 9 different types of vibration and pulsing to help you have a wonderful time.
Some of these specially curved vibrators are studded in a way that’s aimed at giving you even more pleasurable sensations, such as our exclusive Sexology Waterproof Finger Vibrator, which can join you in the shower, bath, or hot tub for some wet and wild action.