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Clitoral Vibrators

Butterfly Kiss Multi Speed G Spot Waterproof Vibrator 7 Inch - Hott Love
Neon Mini Waterproof Vibrator - 4 Inch
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Neon Luv Touch Interchangeable Waterproof Vibrator - 3.75 Inch
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Satisfyer Pro 2
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Did you know that the clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings whose sole purpose is to bring a woman pleasure? It’s true! Another fun fact: the clitoris is actually much bigger than the little nub you know and love. It’s a vast network extending deep into a woman’s body, which means even more sexual pleasure for her. 50 to 75% of women need clitoral stimulation in order to come, so it’s very likely you or your lover will get plenty of use out of one of Spencer’s clit vibrators.
We have a wide range of sex toys in various colors, shapes and styles designed to get you off by stimulating those very special nerve endings, from affordable, handheld clitoral vibes to dual action rabbit vibrators that both buzz against the clitoris and offer penetration, as well as clit stimulating cock rings so that both him and her can get off at the same time.
The great thing is that you can take your pick of a portable mini clit vibrator that can go in a travel bag or purse for quick and easy orgasm access, as well as more intense toys that can stimulate the G spot and clitoris simultaneously, finger vibrators a lover can wear while stroking your clit, a waterproof clitoral vibe so you can get tingly under water, and many other options. Because this wonderful nub is so sensitive, women often enjoy using a vibrator there during other kinds of sex play, so she may want to use one on herself during doggy style or other positions, for instance, or while she’s performing oral sex.