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Have you always wished your favorite sex toys were so portable and discreet you could use them during your daily life, rather than saving them solely for the bedroom? Well, now your wish has come true, and you can take dressing up to a whole new level with a pair of vibrating panties from Spencer’s! What’s so special about them? Well, simply put, they let you have the best of both worlds when you’re out on the street, able to experience the thrill of vibrating underwear with no one the wiser (unless, of course, you’re an exhibitionist who wants to let strangers in on your little secret).
How they work is these remote control vibrating panties have a bullet vibrator tucked inside that you can control, letting it buzz lightly or turning it to its highest level. Even better, hand over the remote to your lover and let them decide just when you’ll receive a sexy surprise between your legs. These very special sex toys are designed to be quiet enough that no one has to know what’s really got you smiling, no matter what else you’re doing.
At Spencer’s, we carry several varieties of vibrating underwear to suit your personal taste and style, from neon crotchless panties to a light-up g string that vibrates to a pearl strand that slides between your legs to stimulate and arouse you, all of them perfect for your next intimate date night or solo sex session. If you’re buying them as a gift for an anniversary, wedding or simply to spice things up, this intimate attire, like a wearable sex toy, allows you to set the pace of your partner’s arousal and watch it build and build while you become the master of her domain. You’ll have plenty of options sure to make your lover wants to slip into these at once. Remote control panties can turn a dinner date, night out at a club, party or any event into a very sexy celebration!