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Mens Vibrators

Jewel Cock Ring - Hott Love Extreme
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Guys, in case you weren’t sure, vibrators aren’t just for women, and at Spencer’s, we have plenty of vibrators for men so you can have mind-blowing sexual satisfaction all your own! Yes, there’s a whole world of prostate massagers, vibrating cock rings, strokers, pumps, bullets and more, all with the aim to give you explosive sensations and enhance your orgasms. In fact, one study found that almost half of all men had used a vibrator at some point, whether to have more sexual fun or with a partner to help them have an orgasm. The great news is, you don’t have to choose between solo use or bringing sex toys into the bedroom with a lover; you can do both!
The best thing about using a vibrator, whether you’re a man or a woman, is that it can provide sensations that even the best lover simply can’t (no offense). Because of its design, it can move faster and reach more sensitive parts of your body than even the most talented tongue or dexterous fingers ever will. That doesn’t have to mean, though, that a male vibrator is only for solo pleasure (though it can give you plenty of hotness when you need it), or that vibes are competing with human affection. Bringing sex toys into the bedroom can be a way to bond with a lover, spice up a relationship and explore new erotic frontiers. Vibrators and sexual partners can go perfectly together if you’re dating or hooking up, but they can also help you get to know yourself and your body’s erotic potential even better.
Consider slipping on a cock ring that vibrates next time you’re planning to get it on; it can provide the most wondrous ripples of pleasure along your shaft and give your partner pleasure too, if you desire. If you’re curious about anal sex, consider a vibrating butt plug, that works equally well on men and women (a water based lube is a must with any anal sex toys for safety and comfort) and comes in many sizes and varieties. With anal toys, we recommend starting small and building toward larger toys as you get used to the powerful sensation.