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Waterproof Vibrators

Glitz Multi Speed Vibrator - 5.5 inch
Online Only
Neon Mini Waterproof Vibrator - 4 Inch
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Neon Luv Touch Interchangeable Vibrator- 3.75 Inch
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Hott Love Extreme Passion Multi Speed Rabbit Vibrator - 10 Inch
Neon Mini Finger Vibe - 3.25
Butterfly Kiss Multi Speed G-Spot Vibrator- 7 inch
Neon Luv Touch Multi Speed Vibrator - 6.75 Inch
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Jelly Gems #3 G-Spot Vibrator - 8.25 inch
Neon Softees Jr. G-Spot Multi Speed Vibrator - 5.25 Inch
Dual Clit Flicker Cock Ring
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Spencer’s knows you don’t want to leave behind the sexy times just because you’re in the bath, shower or hot tub, and now you don’t have to with one of our waterproof vibrators! These sex toys can join you for some underwater frolicking when you want to relax, sink back and let erotic pleasure take you away. Maybe bathtime is your special hour of the day you look forward to, your precious alone time that helps you wash off the stress of the workday and indulge yourself. If that’s the case, a vibrator you can fully submerge can help you truly unwind as you get off under the warm water in complete privacy. Our waterproof sex toys come in a wide range of colors, sizes and styles, from insertables to clitoral vibrators and even a remote control vibrator set, so you can get the exact look and feel you desire.
Whether you’re going on an exotic vacation and want to get off in an outdoor shower, a soothing hot tub or a bathtub built for two, or are engaging in some shower sex with your partner, waterproof vibrators are just the fun accessory you need to give your lovemaking a boost. You can hold your lover around the waist and use your free hand to guide your buzzing toy along their sensitive skin, or get on your knees and enjoy an up close and personal show as you make them shudder with pleasure. Spencers also offers plenty of bath and shower sex toys like the Shower Sex Grip and special suction cup handcuffs to keep you secure when things get wet and wild!