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Bachelorette Party Favors

Bachelorette Surprise Bag
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Bachelorette Party Masks
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Bridal Party Sash Set
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Pacifier Penis Pinata
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Bride Hat
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Pecker Flower Bouquet
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Pussy Straws 8 Pack
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You’ve been busy planning your wedding down to the very last detail, and now you want to thank your bride tribe with Spencer’s best bachelorette party favors for all their support, love and caring. As you get ready for the big day, your bachelorette party is a chance to take a break from all the planning and simply enjoy yourself with your favorite ladies, getting a little wild, having fun and rejoicing over your last days before you become a Mrs. After all, without your favorite girl squad and bridesmaids beside you, your big day just wouldn’t be the same. When you look out on all of them during the ceremony, you’ll remember the girls only fun you had (but don’t worry, what happens at your bachelorette party stays there!).

How to thank your BFFs for all their devotion? By giving them the ultimate in bachelorette party gifts and accessories. What drink isn’t going to taste even better when drunk from a bachelorette party penis straw, available in fun colors? Everyone will be laughing and smiling as they take sips from these pecker shaped straws.

Since your bachelorette party (also known as a hen party) is your time to let loose with the ladies who know you best, you want to make sure a fabulous time is had by all. It’s a night when anything can happen, and everyone wins because you get to let your hair down and they get to toast you and celebrate your upcoming wedding. So let everyone wear a bachelorette temporary tattoo with sayings like “I belong with the bachelorette party, if lost buy me a drink” (hey, you never know who might be kind enough to take you up on that suggestion!). While your actual vows are about honoring this important update of your relationship status, this bachelorette celebration is about you and how awesome you are, as well as the bond you have with your closest ride or die gal pals. They’re the friends who’ve been there through all your dating drama, who’ve cheered when you met The One, who’d do anything for you, and vice versa. You can wear matching outfits (which can be enhanced with matching bead necklaces), take tons of selfies and let everyone around you know that the not only are you a bride to be, but that your friends are incredible.

Whatever your bachelorette party theme, you can give your friends an affordable gift that she’ll treasure as a symbol of all the revelry. Get your drink on with cute bachelorette party shot glasses, then let your girls each take one home as a keepsake. Your bachelorette party favors are a wonderful way to commemorate this extra special day.