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For The Prankster

Jingle Jugs Jr
Special Gift in Box
Swearing Finger
Fart Spray
After Dick Mints
Pecker Stress Ball
Bullshit Button
Fake Pregnancy Test
Phoney Lottery Tickets
Bj Blast 3pack Oral Candy
I Love to Fart Mug
Online Only
Testicle Keychain

If you’re shopping at Spencer’s then you know we carry only the best and most hilarious of prank toys. That being said, if you’re shopping for the prankster of the family, then you’ve come to the right place! We have all the best gags and pranks that are sure to liven up the household, if not the entire neighborhood. Start with something classic like one of our rubber chickens or the ole Potato Chip Snake Can. If you’re dealing with a more experienced prankster, then try getting them a group of phoney lottery tickets or the shocking Fake Pregnancy Test. Then again, how can you possibly go wrong with the hilarious and shocking hand shocker?! Whatever level of pranking that you may be dealing with this holiday season, Spencersonline is ready to help them with all their laughs and giggles!