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Edible Body Paint & Sex Things

Edible Body Paints Play Kit 4 Pack
Play Pens Edible Chocolate Pens 2 Pack
Flavored Oral Sex Candy 3 Pack - Sweet Licks

Sex is fun, and you can make it even more so by indulging in edible body paint in a range of delicious flavors from Spencer’s. One alluring option is scented and fruit-flavored edible body pens that let you write your name or draw directly on your partner’s skin. Too shy for dirty talk? Spell it out on their back and make them guess in a sex game that will make both of you surefire winners in the bedroom! Your lover becomes your sensual canvas and you get to be the one making erotic art together in whatever way you want.

For your next date night or any time you want to improve your sex life, you can put your tongue to good use and indulge in chocolate body paints that will make every lick of their skin all the more delicious. Have some sweet hands on fun as you turn dessert into foreplay!

The great thing about sex body paint is that you don’t have to color within the lines! You can be as creative as you want to be, whether spelling out exactly what you want to happen next, creating a work of art you’ll want to photograph as a romantic keepsake or simply seeing where your muse takes you, then licking it off.

Spencer’s offerings for those who can’t get enough oral action are part of our range of edible sex things, which also includes edible underwear. Try some sensual body topping, knowing that wherever you put it, you’ll both be laughing, smiling and moaning in delight. You can spread it all over each other, take turns, or apply it to your preferred body part and lick it off. Maybe you want to decorate your nipples or draw a target directly down between your legs where you most want to be tongued. Or draw an arrow on yourself and point to where you want them to start licking your naked skin.

For a new kind of erotic adventure, add edible body art to your intimate activities. You can be the stars of your own erotic art gallery, one that tastes delicious and gives you an excuse to lick your way all over their body. Whether as a prelude to naughtier erotic acts or simply a way to rekindle your romance and get to know every inch of the person you love, these sweet palate pleasing body paints you can eat will make using your lips and tongue even more exciting.