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Edible Body Topping

Flavored Oral Sex Candy 3 Pack - Sweet Licks
Edible Body Paints Play Kit 4 Pack
Play Pens Edible Chocolate Pens 2 Pack

Sex is fun, and you can make it even more so by experimenting with edible body paint, which comes in a variety of flavors and formats here at Spencer’s. You can opt for scented and flavored pens that let you write your name or draw directly on your partner’s skin. Too shy for dirty talk? Spell it out on their back and make them guess! Your lover becomes your canvas and you get to be the one making erotic art together in whatever way you want.
Our edible body powder comes with four options to tempt your sweet tooth while you lick your way all over their eager body: cotton candy, honey dust, strawberry swirl and cupcake.
Don’t worry about coloring within the lines with edible paint; you can get messy and make it up on the go. Who would say no to testing out a chocolate play pen or chocolate strawberry body topping? You can spread it all over each other, take turns, or apply it to your preferred body part and let them lick it off. Maybe you want to decorate your nipples or draw a target directly down between your legs where you most want to be tongued. Or perhaps this is a prelude to some kinky fun with sex toys like vibrators or dildos. It can even become a game: keep your drawing hand steady while a buzzing vibe is making you tremble.
For a new kind of erotic adventure, Spencers offers oral sex candy that fizzles, pops and explodes in your mouth in fun flavors like cherry, strawberry and green apple. Giving kissing and other sensual delights a new twist while your tongue tingles in all the right ways.