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Body Paint

Edible Body Paints Play Kit 4 Pack
Liquid Latex Black Light Body Paint Kit 6 Pack
Liquid Latex Black Light Body Paint Kit 4 Pack

What could be more enjoyable than spreading your lover out like a canvas and having your way with decorating them however you want? Spencer’s offers a variety of body paint so you can have the best kind of colorful adult fun.
Celebrate with a sex party of two when you use fluorescent liquid latex to decorate their naked body, then have them show off your handiwork under black light. Our edible body paint kit with flavors including passion fruit, cherry, pina colada, and strawberry takes that spirit to a whole new level; you get to be the artist and the one who delights in licking off every inch of your creation (feel free to let your tongue travel even more after you’re done). Another delicious option is chocolate body paint; imagine how good a nipple will taste when covered in this sweet treat!
Glow in the dark body paint gives you a reason to turn off the lights and slowly decorate the parts of your lover you most want to highlight.
Spencers sexy body paint gives you a chance to simply delight in the joy of exploring your partner’s body, getting a little messy along the way (you might want to put an old towel or tarp down underneath you so you keep your sheets pristine). This can be a way to spice things up on an anniversary or a very creative date night as you slow down and let the colors lead the way.