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Nipple Jewelry

If you have a nipple piercing, you want to decorate it with the perfect nipple jewelry, and Spencer’s has everything you could want, from hearts to pearls to horseshoes ranging from 14 to 16 gauge. Our selection of barbells and nipple shields offers you many ways to decorate your beautiful nubs and show off your personal sense of style (or keep them delicately hidden until you choose to reveal this intimate styling to just the right person).
Our nipple jewelry designs come in various colors and styles so you can change your look when you desire to. If you’re kinky, show off your love of bondage with handcuff dangle nipple shields. Or try an arrow feather industrial barbell, cubic zirconia horseshoe rings or ones with interchangeable balls for an easy way to switch up your look.
Whatever kind of body jewelry you want to use to decorate your nipples, from rose tipped barbell to scorpion nipple shields and beyond, Spencers has the perfect accessory to accessorize your piercing to perfection.