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Circular Horseshoe Rings

Black Cone Horseshoe Multipack
14 Gauge Black Steel Horseshoe Multipack
14 Gauge Purple Speckle Horseshoe 4 Pack
16 Gauge Horseshoe Set
16 Gauge Horseshoe Black 6-Pack
14 Gauge Rasta Horseshoe Set with Extra Balls
16 Gauge Horseshoe & Captive 4-Pack
16 Gauge Green Horseshoe Set
16 Gauge Blue Red Speckle Horseshoe & Captive Set
16 Gauge Tiffany Multi Gem Clear Horseshoe Set
18 Gauge Steel Piercing Multi-Pack
16 Gauge Black Blue Horseshoe Set
14 Gauge Blue Cone Captive Horseshoe 4 Pack
14 Gauge Steel Horseshoe and Captive  4 Pk
16 Gauge Blue & White Captive Horseshoe 4 Pack
Purple Teal Stud Horseshoe Captive Earring Multipack
16 Gauge Anodized and Bling Horseshoe 4-Pack
14 Gauge Captive Multipack
16 Gauge Scented Vanilla Horseshoe Set

Circular Horseshoe Rings at Spencer's! With such an awesome variety, you'll have the freshest style when you shop our selection of Circular Horseshoe Rings, clit rings and more!