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Bodywand Mini Neon Edition Massager - 4 Inch
Original Body Wand Massager
Online Only
Warming Strawberry Flavored  Massage Lotion 2 oz - Sweet Licks
Warming Cupcake Flavored  Massage Lotion 5 Pack - Sweet Licks
Liquid Sex Water-Based Warming Massage Lube - 4 oz.
Lickable Lover's Massage Lotion 3 Pk - Hott Love
Massage Seductions Game
Online Only
Sweet Rubs Warming Flavored Massage Lotion 3 Pack
Wanna Be Wild Soy Strawberries And Champagne Soy Massage Candle - 4.7 oz.
Mini Diamond Wand Massager - 4 Inch
Vanilla Body Oil - 3.4 oz
Online Only

Rev your partners engine by first relieving their stress with a Erotic Massage. The perfect massage will loosen all your muscles and bring you and your partner closer than ever. Start with some edible warming massage lotion and then add a wand massage to really add some vibrations to this sensual massage. Once you have your partner relaxed, really add some spice to your experience with a pair of furry handcuffs and the sex toy of your choice. By the end of your Massage Sex, you both will definitely feel relieved of all the stress in your life and body and be adding it to your new sexual repertoire.