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Tongue Rings & Barbells

Blue Barbell 5 Pack - 14 Gauge
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Elevate your tongue-y tale with awesome barbells from Spencer’s in all kinds of colors and designs, so your tongue can be as stylish as the rest of you. Add an element of surprise to your look when you rock any of our barbells. Our tongue ring designs range from glitter to bold colors to your favorite sports teams, and beyond.

Whether you just got your first piercing or you’ve been wearing tongue rings for years, it’s always fun to switch things up. You can choose from cute and playful barbell ring types to ones with words on them. It’s up to you! Life’s a party from your head to your toes, so Spencer’s wants your tongue ring to be as special as you are. You should get to express yourself, whatever your personality, with your body modifications, so we have plenty for you to choose from, including hearts, flowers, a green leaf, dice, pop culture characters and so much more. Whether you rock an all-black Goth look and want your piercing to match, or pink is your favorite color, we have a matching tongue ring that will make you—and everyone who meets you—smile.

From classic styles to barbells fit for a rock star, we have them all! Whether you’re a guy or a girl, if you have a tongue ring, we know you’re already the daring type, so why not treat yourself to a new barbell? And if you’re looking for other types of body jewelry, Spencer’s has everything from nipple, septum and nose rings to plugs, spirals and more!