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Lube Samples & Kits

KY Yours And Mine Water-Based Lubricant 2 Pack
Good Head Flavored Oral Gel 5 Pack
Good Head Tingling Flavored Oral Sex Drops 3 Pack
Blowjob Surprise Bag
Online Only
Bubble Gum Flavored Lube 5 Pack - Hott Love
Online Only

Whether you’re a dedicated fan of lube and always keep it in your bedside drawer or are new to the world of personal lubricant and aren’t quite sure what your favorite kind is yet, you’ve come to the right place! Spencer’s offers many lube kits and samplers so you can try out different flavors and sensations before you find the one that works best for you.
Lubricant is an equal opportunity erotic aid: perfect for lovers at the height of intimacy, but also useful when enjoying some solo pleasure, because it makes everything slicker and moister, which means more enjoyment and sexual satisfaction for you.
Our oral sex essentials kit has everything you need before you get intimate, from an edible cherry personal lubricant to oral sex candy that pops deliciously in your mouth along with other tempting delights.
Maybe you’re sold on the idea of flavored lube, but don’t know which one will most whet your whistle. Try a sampler pack with various sweet tastes, including ones with warming lubricant, or an oral gel to maximize your pleasure.
Spancers handy sexual helpers come in the perfect size to slide into your bag or luggage when you’re on the go because you never know when you’ll want to get a little wet, slippery and sexy, so you don’t have to worry about being prepared should a spontaneous erotic invitation come your way.