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Womens Scary Halloween Costumes

Adult Anatomical Skater Dress
Online Only
Skeleton Dance Poncho
Online Only
Skeleton Poncho
Online Only
Adult Harlequin Clown Corset
Online Only
Adult Sinful Skeleton Costume
Adult Skeleton Poncho
Adult Red Hot Devil Costume
Adult Horror Clown Costume
Adult Hooded Skeleton Costume
Adult Vampire Countess Costume
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Adult Enchantress Witch Costume
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If you’re looking for a simple but memorable Halloween outfit, Spencer’s has a range of girls t-shirts that will get you in the holiday spirit in seconds. We’ve got cute tops that don’t require an entire wardrobe change, but can go over a skirt or any pair of jeans or pants and get you party ready in no time.
Star Wars fans can geek out with a hooded R2D2, C3PO, Boba Fett, Yoda, Stormtrooper or Chewbacca tank top, while Marvel comics lovers will enjoy our officially licensed Black Widow tank. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle devotees have their pick of a t-shirt or lace up tube top with mask, which looks extra hot with our TMNT skater skirt—both green, of course.
For a sexy take on holiday fashion, go for our adult wet t-shirt contest winner costume, or, if you’re willing to expose a little skin, try our cut out skeleton tank top. Want a complete outfit? Consider our caped Wonder Woman dress.
Or enjoy our twist on classic costumes with a teacher’s pet, referee, nurse, sailor or cop shirt.
Spencer’s girls’ tees are affordable and fun and are perfect for slipping into after school or work as you head off to the nearest Halloween celebration.