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Water Based Lubes

Mood Water Based Lube - 4 oz.
Online Only
Liquid Sex Water-Based Warming Massage Lube - 4 oz.
KY Yours And Mine Water-Based Lubricant 2 Pack
Frutopia Flavored Water-Based Lube - 3.4 oz.
Climax Bursts Anal Lube - 4 oz.
Tight Anal And Vaginal Tightening Water-Based Lube - 1 oz.
Online Only
Hero H2o Hypoallergenic Water-Based Lube - 4.4 oz.

Personal lubricant is one of the easiest ways to make sex more enjoyable. A little goes a long way toward enhancing whatever kind of erotic play you’re engaging in, and water based lube is among the most popular types because it’s so versatile.
At Spencer’s, you’ll find a range of water based lubricants to choose from. What can this kind of lube do for you? It will add to your natural juices, is lightweight and can help ease any frustrating friction you encounter that may stand in the way of sex being totally ecstatic.
These lubricants go wonderfully with most sex toys, so you can add a vibrator, dildo or other fun item into the mix. Water based lubes are perfect for use with condoms (silicone based lubricants will break down latex).
We’ve got a water based lube for every kind of sexual act you desire, from intercourse to flavored lubes to anal lubes specifically designed for that most intimate activity. Bonus: a warming lube can both make sex more enjoyable and double as massage oil. Considering pairing the two, using a backrub as foreplay to help you relax before getting down and dirty.
Please note that water based lubricants generally get absorbed more quickly into the skin than their silicone based counterparts, so if you’re looking for a marathon sex session you’ll most likely want to try one of our silicone lubes.
Spencers offers a variety of lubricants to suit your sexual needs, whether that’s a straightforward version or tingling glide lube made with hemp seed oil, which is designed to increase your natural sensation wherever it’s applied.