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Flavored Lubes & Lotions

Warming Cupcake Flavored  Massage Lotion 5 Pack - Sweet Licks
Warming Strawberry Flavored  Massage Lotion 2 oz - Sweet Licks
I Love Hemp Pleasure for Her Organic Lube 5 Pack
Warming Massage Lotion And Bullet Set - Sweet Licks
Flavored Oral Sex Candy 3 Pack - Sweet Licks
Warming Cotton Candy Flavored Gel 2 oz. - Sweet Licks
Lickable Lover's Massage Lotion 3 Pk - Hott Love
Sweet Rubs Warming Flavored Massage Lotion 3 Pack
Frutopia Flavored Water-Based Lube - 3.4 oz.
Good Head Oral Delight Watermelon Gel - 4 oz.
Online Only
Warming Flavored Massage Lotion 4 oz. - Hott Love
Online Only
Warming Strawberry Lemonade Gel 2 oz. - Sweet Licks
Good Head Tingling Flavored Oral Sex Drops 3 Pack

If you’re looking to add some sweetness to your oral adventures, you’ll want to check out Spencer’s flavored lubes and lotions. We know that sometimes you’re raring to go, eager to lick and kiss and taste and explore every inch of your partner’s body, but you want to make the experience as juicy, sexy and exciting as it can be.
That’s where a little sweet and slippery action can help. Our edible lube not only keeps you slick where it counts, it tastes great too! With flavors such as strawberry, watermelon, red velvet cupcake, peaches and cream, and more, you’ll want to lap them up—literally. Oral sex takes on a whole new appeal when you add in the sensual taste of a personal lubricant designed to be safe for ingestion.
Many of our flavored lube options can be paired with your favorite sex toys for easy insertion; make sure to read the description and label carefully so you know which types of lubricant pair best with the materials you have at hand.
At Spencers, we want to enhance your bedroom play and make sex as enjoyable and easy as it can be. By definition, lubricant in one of these delicious flavors adds an element of playfulness to getting naked. How can you take getting busy too seriously if you’re decorating your bedmate (or being decorated yourself) with cupcake lube?
If there’s a sex act you’ve always wanted to try but weren’t sure how to bring up, ease your way into it by rubbing some green apple or cotton candy lube along your lover’s skin, then slowly using your tongue to clean them off.
Don’t feel you have to dive right into traditional foreplay immediately; consider drizzling some lube or an edible lotion along their arm, over their belly or along their chest, then finding creative ways to taste it. Or consider using one of our many bondage toys to restrain them while you decide exactly how you want to exercise your oral prowess. We even have flavored sampler packs so you can try out a few tastes and see which one you like best.