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Anal Fantasy Beginners Kit
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Glass Butt Plug - 3.5 Inch
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Anal sex is something that can seem intimidating, especially if you’re curious about it but don’t know where to start. It doesn’t have to be confusing when you have just the right tool for the job! Spencer’s sells all types of but plugs, anal vibrators, prostate toys and massagers and other sex toys that can help arouse you and send you to new heights of pleasure, whether alone or with a partner.
One thing to remember about anal sex is that like any sexual activity, it should be fun. First you’ll want to stock up on some water based lube, which is compatible with any sex toy, so you can enjoy anal pleasure any time you like (this is necessary because the anal canal is not self-lubricating). If you’ve never done it before, you can practice with your own or your partner’s fingers, starting with one and moving on to more fingers if you so desire. You may want to put a towel underneath you. Get comfortable and simply relax; that is one of the keys to make anal sex the best it can be. Next, remember that there’s no one right way to enjoy anal sex, though there are two vital rules: always use lube, and never insert anything into your anus that doesn’t have a flared base, so it can stay securely in place without any risk of it getting lost inside your body. You’ll notice that all of Spencer’s anal toys, both geared toward men and unisex, have such a base.
Our anal plugs start at three inches, a perfect size for beginners who are just starting to explore all the wonderful sensations this type of penetration can provide. We also carry several anal starter kits so you can experiment to discover which types of length and girth you enjoy best. This could be a fun way to explore new types of sex play with your partner, which each of you wearing a plug on alternating nights, and of course you can engage in all sorts of other sexual activities while using a butt plug or other anal toy; you just may find that intercourse feels even more amazing with the addition of this type of special stimulation.
Beyond these smaller plugs, we have a wide range of anal toys for men to suit everyone, with lengths ranging from 3 to 10 inches. You’ve got all sorts of options available, from vibrating plugs to prostate massagers to anal beads and beyond. You can take your pick of colors, materials, widths and sensations; we even have joint butt plugs and cock rings if you’re looking to double your pleasure. These male sex toys can be used on your own or with a partner, though should always be cleaned thoroughly before the next usage. Not sure what type of sensation you want? Try our Anal Fantasy Adventure Kit, which comes with everyone you need for your next erotic adventure, including a mini vibrator along with three attachments for it, anal lube, finger sleeves and toy cleaner.
Of course, if you are looking for more fun in the bedroom, check out our wide range of sex toys for men, including penis pumps, strokers, sleeves and cock rings, to find out all the ways you can enhance your erotic experience.