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Bondage Kits

Ovo L1 Silicone Blue Love Ben-Wa  Balls
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Beginner Bondage Fantasy Kit
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Curious about bondage and BDSM but not sure where to start? Spencer’s has a wide selection of beginners bondage kits that provide you with everything you need to get started with your kinky experimentation. Contrary to popular belief, dominants and submissives have a diverse array of interests and sex practices. Some people might love ball gags, some might love being tickled, while others like being handcuffed and ordered around (and other people love all of these activities and more!).
Maybe you’re ready to try something new, or you and your partner are looking to take your sex play in a new direction, but aren’t sure who’s the top and who’s the bottom (or whether both of you are switches who like both types of pleasure). A bondage kit containing multiple bondage sex toys is a way to introduce kink into your relationship in a simple way, without intimidating your partner with products that might seem too intense for a first time practitioner.
A bondage kit is the perfect gift to yourself or a lover to help pave the way toward shaking things up in the bedroom. You can wrap each item individually and let them use them one by one on you, or explore the sex toys together, alternating trying them out to see who loves being blindfolded and who revels in taking a tickling or flogging.
Spencers offers you various bondage sex kits so you can select the types of kinky play you’re interested in and figure out which ones float your boat. You may wind up incorporating all of them into your erotic evenings, or focus on a few particular favorites.