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Gag Gifts & Pranks

Phoney Lottery Tickets
Pecker Stress Ball
Fart Spray
Bullshit Button
Fake Pregnancy Test
The Fart O Nator Extreme
Over the Hill Butt & Crotch Scratcher
Do It Yourself Prostate Exam
Fuck a Duck Blow-Up Doll
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Tricksters rejoice! Spencer's is THE place to find great gag gifts, funny pranks and more. From the classic whoopie cushion to fart machines, fake poop and more, we've got a prank-tastic selection of hilarious and weird gifts guaranteed to get your crew laughing. Go back to the roots of Spencer Gifts by shopping our gags and pranks selection! Stock up on the classic funny gifts like the fake lottery tickets and fake cracked screen decal for a phone. You can really prank a friend with a fake pregnancy test, fake poop, and fart machine. Looking for hilarious 50th birthday gift ideas that’ll have your relatives laughing all day long? Look no further! Spencer’s has always been known as the ultimate gags and pranks store, so why go anywhere else for your comedic supplies?! Whether you’re prepping for April Fool’s Day or just trying to liven up the office, our gags and pranks selection is perfect for you!