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Pasties & Garters

Red Lace Garter Belt
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Candy Garter
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There are all sorts of little touches that can give your lingerie a sexy boost, and pasties and garters are two of them. Whether you’re preparing for a hot bedroom session, your honeymoon or simply want some help getting in the mood, Spencer’s has you covered—just barely!
We have a wide selection so you can either spice up your usual intimate attire look or try something new, like a French maid garter belt or white honeymoon pom pom faux fur pasties with matching bridal inspired g-string (but you don’t have to be a bride to don this hot underwear). You can opt for lace, plaid, or net styles or get bold with a caged garter set.
Wearing pasties to cover your nipples is a signal that you’re in the mood to play, to twirl, to have fun, to seduce, whether sporting pasties with tassels to show off your best burlesque moves or one of our raciest versions, the Hott Luv Extreme vibrating heart pasties. Garters act similarly, making it clear what your intentions for the night are. They which come in garterbelt and thigh high stocking sets as well as on their own in a variety of colors so you can mix up your intimate attire and put yourself in the sexiest mood possible.
Wearing garters is like a secret signal to yourself of what’s to come, whether you wear them under your work clothes or beneath a dress you may or may not let ride up to show off your sexy surprise. If you’re a first time wearer of garters or pasties, you will be surprised at how such a small item can send your heart racing (not to mention your partner’s!). Spencer’s also has choices for those who want plus size lingerie that will get you hot to trot.
Whether you want to enhance your usual nighttime look or expand your collection of very personal intimates, you’ll want to explore our pasty and garter collection.