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Naughty Gifts to Share

Bondage Adventure Kit - 7 Piece
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When better than Valentine’s Day to break out of your bedroom routine and take your relationship to a whole new level by trying a new sex toy? Spencer’s knows that sometimes even when you’re madly in love, you want to experiment a little (or a lot!) so we’ve made our Best Weekend Ever Sex Kit precisely so you can live out some of your naughty fantasies, like being tied up (or tying up your partner). And of course, you can use the 8-piece sex toy set any day of the week.

Sometimes all a couple needs to keep that sexual spark alive is for one person to reach out and show the other person that their desire runs as deep as it ever did. Giving your partner a sex toy is about more than just that single item; it’s about offering yourself up as someone who’s a little wild and very ready to venture outside of the status quo.

Maybe you’ve talked about trying a cock ring or a strap-on or handcuffs, but the conversation never went any further than the “What if…” stage. Well, now’s the perfect chance to try it and see what happens. You can walk into the bedroom in your sexiest lingerie (or totally naked—both are sure to make your lover’s jaw drop) and dangle a set of cuffs, or hold your erotic gift behind your back and make them guess what’s in your hand. There are all kinds of creative ways you can give your lover a naughty present so you can share in the thrill of trying something new with your favorite person. Who knows where the night will end?