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If you’ve never tried bondage but are curious about it, you’ve come to the right place. Spencer’s has bondage kits for everything you need to add some kink to your relationship. Even a bondage accessory like a blindfold can transform your love life, allowing the wearer to sink into a world where they are at the mercy of the person who’s placed it over their eyes.
Bondage sex toys include everything from handcuffs to ball gags to the simple but extremely effective bondage tape, which can be used to bind wrists or ankles or even more sensitive body parts. For many, the joy of playing with bondage is getting to role-play, to give up or gain control over their partner for a little while, and seeing how the change in power dynamics makes things sizzle between you.
If you’re just starting out, you can ease into kinky sexy play with one of our bondage kits, which have everything you need to restraint and blindfold your lover, then tickle and tease them. Our bondage apparel will help you set the stage for all the sexy games you can play together.
Ready to go to the next level and experiment even more? Try a pair of nipple clamps for the best kind of sweet pain to turn you on. You can use a flogger, whip or paddle for some sensation play, which will be all the more intense when the person on the receiving end can’t escape. We’ve even got a feather duster so you can truly tickle their fancy. The best part of adult bondage play is that you can experiment; one day you’re the one wielding the crop or locking those handcuffs in place, and the next day your partner’s the one placing a ball gag in your mouth. Everyone can indulge in the joys of getting to surrender to your deepest fantasies and let someone else run the show while you follow their every sexy command.
You’ll be amazed at how even the simplest of bondage accessories can make a world of difference, transforming your relationship into one of dominant and submissive, depending on who wants to take on each role. So slap on some handcuffs, slip on a mask or sink down into a bondage chair and prepare for a wild night.