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Batman Cutout Halter Bikini Batman Cutout Halter Bikini $37.49 Reg $49.99
Punk Diva High Waist Bikini Punk Diva High Waist Bikini $33.74 Reg $44.99
Ariel Mermaid Bikini Ariel Mermaid Bikini $37.49 Reg $49.99
Marvel Collage Monokini Marvel Collage Monokini $37.49 Reg $49.99
Rose & Guns Bikini Rose & Guns Bikini $33.74 Reg $44.99
Gold Leaf Monokini Swimsuit Gold Leaf Monokini Swimsuit $29.99 Reg $39.99
Snow White Bikini Snow White Bikini $37.49 Reg $49.99
Corona Triangle Monokini Corona Triangle Monokini $37.49 Reg $49.99
Green Leaf Bikini Green Leaf Bikini $33.74 Reg $44.99
Bob Marley Trees Bikini Bob Marley Trees Bikini $37.49 Reg $49.99
Stars Skirt Bottom Stars Skirt Bottom $14.99 Reg $19.99
38 Items Sort by:
ABOUT Swimwear
It’s summer time and the livin' is HOT! The only thing hotter than the weather is the great selection of girl’s swimwear, bikinis and swim suits at Spencer’s. Show off that beach body you’ve been working on all winter with a sexy two piece bikini or sizzling bathing suit -- all in the trendiest colors and styles. have a winter time vacation planned? The stores may be out, but we've always got a sizzling collection available at a moments notice. When the weather gets hot, this is where all of the trendiest women go to shop. Dive in and go swimming with super chic beachwear!