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Spencer's is Supporting Keep A Breast on the Warped Tour!

Keep A Breast will be taking breast cancer awareness to young music fans on the Warped Tour starting on June 21st in Pomona, CA. You can find Keep A Breast camped out in the Girlz Garage tent.

Visitors to the tent can check out artists painting Keep A Breast’s signature plaster breast casts, Boobies! T-shirts. Also available are bracelets and breast cancer awareness information cards customized and donated by Spencer’s.

"Though the primary focus of the VANS WARPED TOUR is about having fun, the presence of organizations such as Keep A Breast gives our fans a chance to learn something that could eventually save their lives," said festival founder Kevin Lyman.

Keep A Breast

In order to reach young people with the message of breast cancer prevention, Keep A Breast travels on the road with music tours, action sports events and fashion gatherings. Keep A Breast helps raise breast cancer awareness through an informative and artistic display of breast casts, information materials and interactive activities.

In 2008 an estimated 650,000 people will have the opportunity to receive breast cancer awareness education from the program at the Warped Tour.

Breast Cancer Fact

One woman in nine is diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. Early detection can be the difference between life and death. No woman wants to discover that she has breast cancer, but if the disease does occur, finding it as early as possible can save her life.

"Early detection can make the difference between surviving breast cancer and not surviving it," said Robert A. Smith, PhD, director of cancer screening for the American Cancer Society. That's because the earlier a tumor is found, the less time it has to spread.

Keep A Breast

Keep A Breast is a unique non-profit organization whose mission is to increase breast cancer awareness among young people and benefit breast cancer education, prevention and treatment programs in communities around the world.

Keep A Breast was founded by Shaney Jo Darden and Mona Mukherjea-Gehrig in 2000. The organization has produced events across the globe raising thousands of dollars organizations such as the Young Survival Coalition, Susan G. Koman Foundation and The Breast Cancer Fund.

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